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So I couldn’t quite figure out what this was. I found it on 7/20 while I was hiking, as usual, in a national park in GA. It is obviously a bolete of some sort with decurrent beige pores that bruised brown and a flat cap. It’s spore print was an undiscernable type of brown. I think I let it sit too long and it got too dark. I took a little nibble of it and it was terrible, kind of peppery and acidic. I think its of the Suillus genus. Since I couldn’t ID it 100%, I am uploading some good macro mushie porn for you.. And when I say, “mushie porn,” I do not mean BBW. 

This pic below is my fave!

It was also, for some reason, hollow! There were no bugs in it at all though.

Feel free to respond to this post as to what you possibly believe it to be!

  1. biobiobio answered: mushroomexpert.com/suil… can help you confirm if it’s a suillus.
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